Sleeping Through the Dream, Exhibiting at Hyde Galleries, Memphis College of Art, May 20 – July 31

I was recently asked to look at the work of 166 talented artists and pick 40 for a show. The results? 126 disgruntled artists muttering “What does he know?” And they’re right! What do I know? Please keep that attitude, my fellow artists. You have many victories ahead. As for the rest of you, please savor. This is a wonderful show. Inspire each other, secretly know you’re the best one and keep trudging out to that studio every day. I’m very happy to see such a perfect storm of creativity roaring across the South.   – JUROR, Wayne White

Number: Presents Art of the South  2015 

Opening Reception, May 29 Trolley NightMay 20 – July 31
Memphis College of Art, Hyde Galleries, 477 South Main, M–F, Noon–5pm, Sat, Noon–7pm